Learn Self-Defense. Not Just How To Fight.

Self-Defense and fighting. You have to know how to fight in order to defend yourself however fighting is not self-defense. That is to say, you must have fighting skills to…
three techniques everyone should know cover

Three Krav Maga Techniques That Everyone Should Know

Front kick to the groin, bearhug/takedown defense, and knife defense are three Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense techniques that everyone should know…or at least have some knowledge of as a means…

Learn Krav Maga and Build These Skills

Learn Krav Maga at a Krav Maga Worldwide certified training center and you'll be learning the best self-defense system from the best instructors. When you learn Krav Maga your body…

Krav Maga For Beginners

Krav Maga for beginners can seem intimidating and challenging…but remember two things. The first is that if you’ve decided to start training in Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense you are making…

The best training. In the safest training centers.

Krav Maga Worldwide’s mission has always been about empowering people with skills that will make them safer. In the COVID-19 lockdown era and subsequent transition into reopening, making people safer…

Situational Awareness Training

Situational awareness training at Krav Maga Worldwide is an important and ever developing element of all of our training and classes at each level. Ongoing training promotes ongoing development of…

Learn Krav Maga At Home

Learn Krav Maga at Home and continue to build your self-defense skills, get in great shape, and get other benefits. Krav Maga Worldwide offers a variety of ways to learn…

Krav Maga vs BJJ

Krav Maga vs. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu When comparing two styles of self-defense or martial arts there are a few ways to approach the comparison. The most common motive for comparison is…

What Is Krav Maga?

What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed by the Israel Defense Forces for training military personnel in hand-to-hand combat. Krav Maga uses instinctive movements aggressive counter…
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